Root bark Australia

Locally harvest Acacia range available throughout the year. Fair price, great service & quick communication.

My recommendations: most consistent
AARB Acacia Acuminata (typical variety) 0.8-1.6 :tshirt:
ACRB Acacia Confusa (powdered) 2 :tshirt:

Wasn’t for me: inconsistent overall
AANPRB Narrow Phyllodes - minimal YD
AOP/AOB Obtusifolia

If MHRB isn’t accessible… AARB/ACRB can provide a temporary substitute. Worth experimenting. No complaints about this vendor.

10/10. They’re missing MHRB that’s the only negative.

Hey dude thanks for the review! I do need you to make some adjustments in accordance with the review structure posted here

Pay attention to the section on quality and how the :star: rating works. Let me know if you have any questions. You basically already have it, just a little change :slight_smile:

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