Welcome to Dimitri's Garden | Buyer Reviews on Bark & Botanical Vendors


Armed with a shiny new domain name and a well supported, feature rich forum software we’ve taken the next steps of moving control of our community into our own hands.

What this means is more flexibility to manage our community while remaining nimble and resilient by utilizing daily backups in multiple locations to archive content permanence. The days of total content erasure are over. The age of a persistent, unstoppable resource has begun.

What is Dimitri’s Garden

The Garden is a repository of buyer reviews on bark and botanical vendors with a focus on species like Mimosa Hostilis (MHRB) or Acacia Confusa (ACRB). The nature of organic products can sometimes lead to a high variability in quality between batches and vendors. Our aim is to be a leading harm reduction resource to avoid scams and fake products all the while giving you the best opportunity to find quality at value.

Here you’ll find first hand perspectives from buyers on their purchasing experience and most importantly, product quality from utilizing it themselves. Aside from reviews you’ll find discussion and How Tos on leveraging these products in the Use Cases category.

Our community members are passionate about their hobby and enjoy sharing and helping others whenever we can! Don’t hesitate to make your first post in General or its corresponding group chat General.

How It All Works

Rules & Regulations

The following two rules are the only two rules that matter and failure to follow them may result in an immediate temporary suspension or a permanent ban.

  1. Discussion about the extraction of illegal substances from any kind of botanical sold here or found in nature.

  2. Sourcing AKA engaging in or facilitating the transaction of illegal goods and services such as psychoactive substances or precursor materials.

Failure to follow these rules may result in us losing our site altogether if we are deemed untrustworthy by our hosting or domain providers. After that it’s the onion fields for us. Additional rules of conduct are quite simple:

  • Kindness
  • Understanding
  • Mindfulness
  • Meaningful
  • Inquisitive

Review Structure

Reviews must follow the specified formatting below. You must add at least 3 tags and your review should contain at least these two sections: Experience and Quality.

Your review must contain 1 tag from these tag groups:

Optionally you can use these tags to indicate international shipping:

Product quality is rated on how far the product went, how many articles of clothing you dyed or soaps you made Quality should directly relate to your chosen use case.

  • i.e. I dyed 2.6 :tshirt: or I made 1.3 bars of :soap: .

We hope you enjoy your stay! The garden was built by community members, for community members and it’s with your support that we continue to make it work.

Forum Setup & Settings

Sign Up & Login

Signup can be done VIA email, Google or Discord, if done VIA Google or Discord we receive the email associated with that account. Email signup will require you to click a verification email in order to begin using the account, Discord login skips this. After logging in with Discord you will be able to login with email as well.


First I suggest you head on over to the groups section and select the right ones for you. Joining a group will do actions thrice:

  1. Start tracking the corresponding category
  2. Enable mass messages from the staff on group topics
  3. Enable adding group icon as profile flair

Only garden staff and group owners can send mass messages to groups to avoid spam.
By default these messages will also send a one time email notification to alert you but this and many other defaults can be changed in your personal settings. Only staff can make groups at this time.

Suggestions & Complaints

For feedback, complaints, ideas or anything about how the site works please create a topic in Site Feedback, depending on the request the staff may decide to make a Voting Enabled topic in Idea Voting to gain feedback from the community. Everyone can vote but only staff can create topics and you need a trust level of at least 2 to reply on the topic itself.

Chat & Messaging

Beyond the general group chat you can find a group chat link for your country focused group chats in the corresponding country category.

Chat and messaging is enabled between all users, messages last until deleted but chat is limited to 90 days, as an additional treat I’ve also enabled the encrypted messaging plugin! This feature shouldn’t be considered the pinnacle of security but it will hopefully give everyone a little assurance that the admins here are committed to your privacy.

The encrypted messaging plugin works locally in your browser, in my testing and after leveraging all my admin abilities, the most I was able to see is the sender and receiver but not the subject or message content.

You will need to enable this feature in your security settings.

Personal Settings

Take the time to organize your preferred categories, chats and tags to pin to your sidebar. Additionally, browse through your personal settings to customize your experience to your preference.

Themes & Personalization

There are a few themes to choose from but I can’t say they will all display flawlessly. If you notice any issues our recommendation is to comment on the respectives themes post here about your issue and notify the staff you did so.

Along with the group icon flairs mentioned before you can also add:

  • Snazzy profile Pictures (4mb upload limit)
  • Custom status messages & emojis! (We can add customs, send em our way or make a topic)
  • Country of origin flags
  • Granted titles (if applicable)

Having flairs, origin flag and a status icon can conflict or overlap in some areas or themes. Disabling one or some of the options to resolve the conflict is the only possible resolution.

Privacy & Security

Generally speaking, there isn’t anything on this site you should assume the admins can’t see if they wanted to. On the surface level discourse does a good job of keeping your info private and we need to go explicitly looking to see anything sensitive.

This admin team is absolutely committed to privacy and we can assure you that we will only view the necessary information that we need to for the action or task at hand. We will refuse any legal requests outside of our jurisdiction and have already made contingency plans to move elsewhere.

That being said if you want real privacy you will need to take that into your own hands by using made-for email address and software like VPNs.

Discourse itself is a thriving open-source company whose software is used by hundreds of sites much larger than ours. With that in hand we have a reasonable level of security assured. SSH access to the server is held by only one admin with plans to expand to at least one more for backup.