Recently ordered 1kg of M.H. whole bark from this company on the 27th of May, 2023. Since I ordered on a holiday weekend I didnt expect it to ship the same day, but i never expected I would get this much of a hassle. Here we go, I called the business number provided on the site on the 30th of May and was able to get ahold of someone who said they were Claude and I asked about my order. He was having trouble finding any information on my order from the drop, told me he would have to check into it and give me a call back. So within a few minutes he did call back, and assured me he found the info and the package information and tracking would be sent over by the end of business that day. The next morning when I had still not received any information I wrote an email that requested my information for my shipment or I’d be asking for a refund. Later that day I received the email for shipping and tracking, but heres the thing, they shipped it to an address that i did not give them! Do not even know where they pulled the address from, because its not even an address in my city/area or anything! Upon contacting the USPS, they told me that if the vendor put the wrong address on the shipment that there was no way to stop the package from being sent back to the sender (since they sent it to an undeliverable address). When I noticed this address debacle this morning and contacted the company again, the gentleman on the line for the business (claude/claudio, or whomever it truly is) got extremely irrate with me about how they are not liars and conduct business professionally. I do not believe this to be the case. At this point my emails are not getting replied too and if I call I’ll go to voicemail. So please use my 129 buck rip off experience to save yourself your time, money, and sanity. I’ll say one last thing before I go… there is a number on the site, they will field your calls and answer questions… use this to your ability. Call from an unblocked number, talk with the gentleman, get a feel for his voice. Call back another time, this time block your number, let it go to voice mail and hear the voice then. Trust me, 2 different voices! Hope this will help some others make more informed decisions than I made.

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