Wholesaleroots.com Product Review - Great Experience

Overall - *****
Communication - *****
Shipping - *****

I first looked at the shop on August 7 and decided I didn’t have the extra funds to spend at that time. I got a follow up email from Claude saying that he’d love to get my business and included a 12% discount coupon. I let him know I needed to wait until I’d gotten paid and he was totally polite about it.

Fast forward a bit-- on August 17, I placed my order. I sent the funds right away via CashApp and 6 minutes later I had the order confirmation in my inbox. $129 kilo of chopped bark, only $113 with the discount.

Next day (Friday, August 18) I had the shipping confirmation in my inbox with tracking number.

And sure enough-- all of 3 days later on Monday the 21st, I had what I needed to dye my clothes. Everything looks good so far. 50g dyed a full T-shirt, but it was just a real quick test run. I didn’t put too much effort into it . I’ll try to remember to update later when I’ve had more time to properly dye everything. Thanks Claude and wholesaleroots!

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