Vendor Superlist question

What does it mean when a vendors website is listed under the “???” Category in the Vendor Superlist?

Fair question. It means they had problems on the last iteration of the Garden but what was happening wasn’t written down. So they are there until someone can remember more about what’s going on.

Gotcha…I don’t know what was going on with in the past but my last two purchases were from that site and I’ve had no issues at all. Quick delivery fair pricing with consistently good yields.

Dyemart was reported to be “selective scamming” as they will sell to some and scam the others. One user on the old garden reported that they was in a group chat or something similar where the people behind Dyemart discuss about who to scam (This information is unverified). Proceed with caution.

Rich 'n Pure goes into hiatus due to some personal issues as far as I remember, he doesn’t state when he will be back as he just disappeared one day.

p/s: if I recall correctly Dyemart and was the same in the past, one site is for “discreet orders” and the other site is for normal order

Okay i’m starting to remember more about the Dyemart and connection. I actually think they use to literally have it written on one of their sites no?

They definitely did. It was written on the bottom of their site

Okay so I updated it a little bit and moved them down the list since it seems weird to have the warnings at the top.

I also just remembered I skipped making tags for them so people can report issues so that’s on the to do list!