New Vendor! Real Acacia Hawaii

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Real Acacia Hawaii

Happy to announce a new vendor, Real Acacia Hawaii! This will also be posted in the USA country discussion category.

realacaciahawaii had super fast shipping. less than a full week from hawaii to north end of the U.S. Acacia looks and smells good. I make my shirts by leaving the dye in water and mixing with another dye, so it’s hard to tell how my shirts will look until I try one on. Acacia was about 10% overweight (ordered a kg).


I sent $350 using Cashapp and was going to pay another $1000 using Paypal for 15 kilos acacia powder from
He refused to use PayPal because he said there were too many fees. At that point i tried transferring the monevto cashapp and ran into trouble. I then just asked for a refund since he wouldnt work with me. I have not been able to get a response since and its been almost 2 months. I was ripped off since cashapp didn’t insure me and he blocked me on cashapp after several attempts to get a refund or atleast my acacia. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS VENDOR! HE BLOCKED MY REVIEWS!


I had the same experience. Ripped of for $240 on an October order. I used Paypal and am still waiting for resolution. I would not recommend.

I got ripped for $800. We need to make sure Dade doesn’t scam more in the community. Please avoid this company.

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@remora @John_Carter I have information on how to contact Dade by phone. Please message me so we can talk.

Please announce to everyone that is not me my phone got hacked months ago I lost my website and my cash app and my emails I was able to shut the PayPal down but cash app has been difficult I keep getting threats to my personal accounts. So please spread word!!!

Do you have any evidence that would back up this defense?

I’ll send you whatever you want I just want this cleared up I’ve told everyone that has messaged me on my personal accounts to report the website and cash app

Really hope everything gets fixed, I just ordered a kg the 10th and now have my hopes dashed :sob:

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I just ordered 500 grams from this site, is this site no longer credible?

Why is this vendor even on here with all these complaints isn’t this board monitored.

Please msg me i want his number please

I checked their website and he’s not listed

Look once again do not order from the site I am the original owner my phone got hacked from sim swapping and lost everything cash app the website and my emails were the only ones I couldn’t recover

CashApp, a company with over 10 billion annual revenue, doesn’t have a security team that can shut down your CashApp account from accepting payments? Sounds super sketch. Looks like I’d retain some council if I were you.

has anyone heard anything recently?

Wish I had checked reviews here first

Scammed for $100