New Vendor! Mimosa Land

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Mimosa Land

Happy to announce a new American vendor, Mimosa Land!

  • Products: MHRB dye
  • Submission Statement:

Hi, I hope this message finds you well. I’m Mimosa Land, a USA based MHRB vendor, and I would love to contribute to and become a vendor within this community. I value speedy shipping, safe packaging, and spreading universal awareness.

I’ve been selling large quantities of MHRB for the a while now under my original website The Dream Joint. I switched websites/brands due to my website hoster taking mhrb off the site.

I have lots of positive reviews from my old site, and it would be great to start racking up positive reviews on here for my new site. Google ads recently took down all my bark ads, causing a dramatic drop in sales, so I would love to do initial offers and deep discounts in exchange for exposure and reviews. If you would like me to send sample bark at no cost, let me know. I would love to be an active part of this community anyway I can.

Here’s a link to my reviews on my previous site where I sold the bulk of the root.

I can be reached at, and my website is

Please let me know if there are further steps for me to take to become a verified vendor.
Thanks, and hope you have a great day!

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$170/kg promo just for you guys! Use code “GARDENS” at checkout at mimosaland!


“I recently placed an order with Mimosaland and had an excellent experience. Placed my order on Thursday and received it by Friday—super fast! Highly recommend this shop, especially if you’re located on the West Coast. A+++”


Since another vendor didnt have anything i switched to this vendor cons: there is still chips get a coffee grinder or blender to get the full amount out of it
Good: very friendly customer service the quality if phenomenal just as good if not better than my previous vendor definitely look forward to doing buissness again

Price drop on all varieties of MHRB! Still the same high quality brazilian you’re used to

(You can still use promo code “GARDENS”)

We recently switched to a different grinding method, the ground bark should look exactly like the photos on the listing. If it looks any different, just reach out and I’ll make it right/cut you a discount on future orders. Thanks for the review!