Mimosahostilisuk.com B.caapi vine (Red + Yellow)

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I Have ordered b.caapi more than once from @MimosaHostilisUK .com an only 2 other known vendors but I can’t really say that I noticed much of a difference in comparison to vines other than appearance.
But what i do know is it definitely gives the desired effect an with the right dose is very noticeable and when used with a combination of other plants can get really interesting an a pleasure to work with

I have used the red muricata vine an also the yellow cielo vine both in a tea an also stripped it down into smaller splinter like pieces for my incense blends which works insanely good

In terms of strength it’s really hard for me to say if there is a definite strength difference
I don’t feel that tbh but I do feel like there’s a difference in the feel of experience overall

Appearance was a lot more wild looking than the previous vendors that I have used an honestly looked like it had just been hand picked and delivered straight from the jungle

I got chunk’s as seen below in the pics attached an also ordered myself a small 100g batch of powder/splinters

Overall a great herbal tea with benefits for soothing headaches an upset stomachs

Always high quality products so I would definitely recommend :pray:t5::green_heart:

Thank you very much for your reviews bro and I’m glad you’re happy :pray: