2.6 T-shirts of Amazingly clean coloured looking Dye from 1kg of shredded MHRB🔥
Fast Delivery/Next Day!

Very pleased once again with my purchase from https://www.mimosahostilisuk.com/ :nerd_face:
A little more chunkier than my previous batches from them but still VERY high + clean quality.
I didn’t break the chips down anywhere near as much as I probably could of if I had the extra time but the result either way was still very satisfying and I think maybe I could of benefitted even more if I found the time to further break it down? But nonetheless extremely happy here!
All round really friendly helpful an informative customer service that actually seems to be consistent with their quality of mimosa!
Highly Recommended :100:
I’m also planning to purchase some b.caapi along with some mullein and calea z dream herb hopefully within the next week or 2 sometime
So I’ll try do another post and update about the quality etc once received and tested :+1:t2:

Thank you brother always good to hear :pray::purple_heart:

Very welcome pal! :innocent:
I tried to inbox u here but your profile says private or hidden something along those lines. Not sure if you are aware of that and just letting u know incase anyone else tries to msg u here :v:t3:

Ohh ok no I didn’t know that so thanks for letting us know, I’ll take a look now :+1:

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