March 24th, 7am-9am EST, We Will be OFFLINE for Improvements, Details in Post!

Expect downtime between the following hours. Which should display in your timezone!

There’s a great chance the work will be done earlier than expected and may only take about 1 hour.

We will be performing upgrades to revamp the categories to be clearer and better organized along with implementing a new review system that everyone will love!

We will be moving countries to a parent-level rather than a child so content stays relevant when pinning on the sidebar and sorting through categories

Top 3 are the new version vs the bottom 2 which is what we currently use. Now child category pinning makes sense :partying_face:


I’m very excited to announce that we will be implementing the ratings plugin which enable each user to leave ONE an overall review in a special thread for that vendor. This is a limitation of the rating plugin in order to have an aggregated score display at the top of a topic and there’s no way to change how many ratings a user can leave. So everyone leaves a lifetime ratings score that you update if your feelings change. Regular reviews on products will stay in a separate category.

Additionally we will be implementing a tag (semi-pictured above) to indicate international shipping shipped-to-Canada or shipped-to-UK as examples. Now you can sort by successful imports into your country by origin country!

This should be a great overhaul and improvement to our current system as the star ratings should appear on Google.

Will the move to a :star: based overall ratings system we will be changing up how we do quality with a move from stars to shirts(:star::tshirt:). So your quality ratings will be based on how much usage you got out of the product like such:

Quality: Great product! Dyed 2.1 :tshirt:

We will be editing everyone’s existing content to fall inline with the the current model like category and quality rating.


The amount of work you’re pouring into development and improvement is incredible. Thanks again homie, we could’ve never pulled this project together without you

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Love the ongoing improvements!

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Thanks buddy I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Glad you’re here with me doing it!