Looking for a source of MHRB powder in Canada

He everyone, I’m new here. I live in Canada and I’ve been looking online to buy MHRB but I feel sceptical about the sources I found on Google page (I’m don’t want to get scammed or fishing sites etc). Could anyone who lives in Canada provide me with a good trusted source that they used in a the past? I would appreciate it a lot, peace!!!

Entheogarden is your guy I am extremely happy with his bark quality

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hi mate is that the squar space wesite or what

I used woodye in Canada or imported from Spain without problem with Natudyes. Natudye is definitely a better product if you’re looking for color saturation, fine powder not too fine

A friend of mine recommended and vouched for Woodyes . ca so I ordered a bunch of MHRB and its legit. They even give you 100g of free Mexican bark when you order the Brazilian stuff.