It's 2024! Where's everyone at and up to?

This site seemed to be too quiet.
How’s everyone 2024 going so far?

Pretty good so far, working out picking a vendor, been a fruitful year already!!!

Good to know that it’s been a fruitful year starting out for you so far. Nothing but good vibe. :pray:
I know there’s lots of vendors in here. It’s always good to have more than one source of vendors.
As for me, i shopped with couple of vendors.
I do like
I feel the underdogs have more to prove so they usually give best deals.

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I was strongly looking into them, along with fetty

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This site is more of a resource share, then a general platform to chat, which might explain the quietness.

Tbh I’ve been so busy with real life I haven’t given nearly enough time here. Hoping that’s changing this month!

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