EleusinianVisions.com - High Quality & Free US & EU Shipping

Hello fellow dyer !
If you are looking for Mimosa Hostilis Inner R.B. at the most Affordable prices, EleusinianVisions.com is the place for you. We offer ASAP communication, highest quality MHRB imported directly from Brazil and all that at the most affordable prices.

( RDMTP5 for 5% OFF )

Give us a look :slight_smile:

AAA quality ! I had some issues with the mail carrier and EleusinianVisions took care of everything thank you

I placed an order with them, did not receive order confirmation email, tracking number, and have had 0 luck in getting any communication from them what-so-ever…

Hello @Rick_Warren , our emails are probably in your spam folder :slight_smile:
You order will be shipped tomorrow Monday.

They will take care of it.

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