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  • Quality: # of :tshirt: dyed, I dyed 2.6 pairs of :shorts: or I made 1.1 bars of soap :soap:
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Comments: Offering kilograms of Brazilian mimosa hostilis for only $120/kg , I am the original owner I don’t know why there’s the claim that my website is a scam, I’ve sent thousands of orders since opening, I can offer discounts for bulk 10kg for $1000 or 50kg for $4500, for bulk customers I can offer in person meet ups so no one has to front thousands.


I can vouch! Great price and quality Bark! And you are very responsive if i ever have questions you always get back to me within 24hr …ive never got bark anywhere else and i don’t plan on switchin up lol an im about due for a KG so ill be hollerin when i get my funds right

Thanks for your business!, it would be nice if we were removed from the scam vendor list!!
We offer in person meet up purchases if anyone is hesitant to front payments.

I’m down to try a kg of your stuff… Have been using Lafayette and Prime bark… Be nice to have 3 to rate.

I’ll take 1
Of your kilograms

I would be very interested. @Dylan_Derbyshire have you placed an order?